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Balatro's upcoming patch will introduce new mechanics for the Jokers

Balatro's upcoming patch will introduce new mechanics for the Jokers

Balatro surprised all fans of Poker games recently with its unique gameplay mechanics. The addition of multiple gameplay modes and unprecedented properties to the wide variety of Jokers present in the game allowed for multiple gameplay interactions and roguelite functionalities. Colourful pixel-art graphics and a catchy soundtrack completed an innovative formula that made the game the favourite of many players. Developer LocakThunk is ready to raise the stakes and has announced a new patch for the game that will add plenty of novelties.

New types of Jokers

Update 1.0.1c adds a plethora of interesting changes that will significantly impact your gameplay choices in Balatro. Jokers can now be "Perishable", which makes them stop working after a certain number of rounds. Also, you can use your in-game money to purchase "Rental" Jokers, which will cost you a certain amount of cash upfront and a slightly bigger fee on every subsequent round that you want to have them active. These two new categories for the Jokers add a lot more flexibility to Balatro, but the update will also make some other adjustments to the game. For example, ante scaling has been reduced for higher difficulty modes, which gives a respite with players struggling on these, and many small balance changes have been introduced.



Balatro's new update is already available for testing on Steam to all players who own the game. You need to check out the game's properties tab in Valve's launcher to access the beta version of the patch ahead of its official release, which the developer has announced for next week. If you want to read the whole patch notes, they are available in an official post via Reddit.

Balatro continues to be the biggest surprise in recent years when it comes to poker-themed video games thanks to its unique gameplay mechanics. The game has sold over a million copies in its first month and that number will surely increase with the upcoming changes. You can use our comparator to buy a cheap copy of Balatro for PC and immerse into this exciting experience.

  • Official website : Balatro
  • Categories : Casual , Strategy
  • Editor : PlayStack
  • Developer : LocalThunk
  • Mode(s) : Solo
  • Release date : February 20, 2024
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