Atomic Heart traps you in Limbo with its new expansion

Atomic Heart traps you in Limbo with its new expansion

Atomic Heart surprised the fans of the FPS genre with its unique atmosphere, brutal gameplay, and spectacular representation of a utopic world where things have gone awry. Exploring the mysterious Facility 3826 to discover why the robots have massacred all humans and performed terrible bioengineering experiments on them is as exciting as it sounds, but developer Mundfish has gone far beyond that with the game's expansions. If the Annihilation Instinct expansion surprised you, the upcoming Trapped in Limbo DLC will leave you speechless.

A crazy world

Trapped in Limbo is the second expansion for Atomic Heart and it's coming in early 2024. The expansion is set after the events in the main game and it lets you explore a different ending where you will be helping P3 to complete a series of challenges in Limbo. The expansion will have you running and dashing through a variety of scenarios in an obstacle race of sorts, while also allowing you to fight against new enemies.



Of course, everything looks quite different in Limbo. Discovering its secrets will be like being immersed in a macabre fairy tale where everything is just slightly off and doesn't feel like it should be. The expansion is also a series of mini-games that will allow you to unlock new weapons and skins for the main campaign. If you thought that Atomic Heart was insane, Trapped in Limbo will blow your mind as it looks like nothing you would expect to be added to a first-person shooting adventure.

The release of Trapped in Limbo is scheduled for February 6. The expansion can be bought separately but it's also included in the Atomic Pass and the Gold and Premium editions of the game. As usual, the best prices to get an Atomic Heart code for PlayStation, Xbox, or PC are available with our comparator.

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