All Walls Must Fall is now permanently free on Steam and

All Walls Must Fall is now permanently free on Steam and

Inbetweengames has announced that it has made its tech-noir tactics title All Walls Must Fall free to download on Steam and, and that this is a permanent move. 

All Walls Must Fall is an isometric tactics game where actions happen to the pulsing beat of the music. Using a pausable real-time system, carefully plan your decisions and use powerful time manipulation abilities to your advantage, as you carry out your mission in the shadows or in plain sight. Levels are procedurally recombined, giving the game a highly replayable campaign structure, while still offering individually crafted components and set-pieces.

Set in Berlin in an alt-future 2089 that never saw the end of the cold war, All Walls Must Fall casts you as a cyborg-armed, suspenders-wearing, bearded bear of an operative, cyber-sleuthing and cyber-murdering your way through a series of techno clubs. It plays out somewhere between turn-based classic roguelike and real-time, and you can rewind actions to perfect them. After each level, you can watch a replay of your actions to a pulsing techno beat. It’s very stylish and very smart.


All Walls Must Fall takes inspiration from genre classics like X-Com, Syndicate and REZ, as well more recent indie games like The Banner Saga, Braid, SUPERHOT and Crypt of the Necrodancer.

In a message posted on the Steam page, the developer said:

It's been 6 years since we released All Walls Must Fall, and we've decided that we'd love if everyone who always wanted to play but never quite got around to buying it has the opportunity. So it's now totally free on Steam and!

We hope you enjoy playing our tech-noir tactics game that we made. We put a lot of our hearts into it, and while we've all moved on to other projects now, that time we made our own little indie game will always be special to us.

Love from Berlin,
Isaac, David and Rafal

You can now grab it for free from Steam and whenever you want. The deal is permanent, so when the day you want to strap on your suspenders for a bit of cyber-clubbing comes, you know where to find it. And as always, remember to utilise our comparison tool to secure the finest deal on your upcoming favourite game.

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