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    In a world of science and magic, where you are all alone, there is only one rule: Don't Starve. Yes, Don't Starve, the uncompromising survival game where you are alone in the wilderness and must do whatever you can to survive. You're going to play as a man named Wilson, who is having the worst luck ever. You see, he's been trapped by a demon, and now he's been taken to another world and forced to try and survive in it. Ever have one of those days? Now, Wilson must figure out how this strange world works, and use it, it's inhabitants, and whatever he himself can do just to make it through. This is not the world you know, Don't Starve is full of weird and mind-boggling environments that are full of creatures that are as strange as they are horrifying. Plus, there are other dangers in the world than just what you're seeing, you'll need to be aware of everything around you in order to survive. Gathering up your courage and wits, you'll scavenge through this world and gather resources to make it to the next day and beyond. Make a fire, build a shelter, get food in your stomach, every little thing counts when it comes to your survival, and your survival will be tested over and over again. We know this because Don't Starve will not help you. There will be no instructions to guide you, or guide to let you know what you should do next. You are Wilson, and you have to think for yourself. So survive, and remember, Don't Starve.

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