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    Bioshock Infinite took the famous Bioshock franchise to new heights as you went above the clouds and discovered a new "utopia". But if you're looking for more from the game then you have to look no further than the BioShock Infinite - Season Pass. For in this past, you'll get to play as the characters from Bioshock Infinite, but go back to the roots of the series. This Season Pass has two new episodes of story as well as two packs to heighten your experience. First, in Burials at Sea Part 1, you'll get to play as Booker and Elizabeth as they go to Rapture. That's right, the underwater city that started it all is back. But this time, you'll see it before its fall from grace. You'll see it rebuilt in the Bioshock Infinite engine and see an all new side of the city that'll show you why it was a true Utopia before things fell apart. Add to that, you'll get to see a lot of the main characters from the original game. Then, in Episode 02, you'll get to see things fall apart before your very eyes, including areas of Rapture you've never been to before. Then in two special add-on packs, you'll get more of a focus on the combat of the game. The Early Bird Special Pack gives you all new weapons to use, then the Clash In The Clouds pack puts combat at the forefront with new weapons, new ways to combine your weapons, and 60 new challenges that'll make sure you're put to the ultimate test. So get more out of the game with the BioShock Infinite - Season Pass.

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