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    The famous survival horror FPS with RPG elements is back in the third game of the series, Bioshock Infinite.

    Play as Booker DeWitt and use a combination of weapons and psychokinetic powers to rescue Elizabeth, a young woman held captive for twelve years. In the collapsing city of Columbia, two factions are fighting. The Founders are trying to keep the city for pure American citizens, and the Vox Populi are trying to destroy the Founders. Unfortunately for you, Elizabeth is at the center of this conflict and both factions will be pursuing you.

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    Comments on Bioshock Infinite
    Nov 25, 2021, 10:06 PMon
    Muy buena historia, muchos giros de guion y un gameplay muy divertido.
    Very good story, many plot twists and a very fun gameplay.
    Feb 28, 2014, 3:24 AMon
    Le scénario m'a bluffé, tout simplement incroyable ! 18/20 !
    The scenario blew me away, simply incredible! 18/20 !
    Mar 26, 2013, 8:20 PMon
    "Incarnez Booker DeWitt et devenez le protecteur de la mystérieuse petite <del>Isabelle</del> Elizabeth, anciennement prisonnière du Songbird, un oiseau métallique siégeant dans les tours de la ville qui flotte dans les nuages, la non moins mystique cité de Columbia." Sinon foncez l'acheter! La magie opère autant qu'avec le premier BioShock, la direction artistique est "Waow", vous en prendrez plein la gueule, le gameplay s'est modernisé sans renier ses origines. Pour l'instant mon GOTY et de loin...
    "Play as Booker DeWitt and become the protector of the mysterious little <del>Isabelle</del> Elizabeth, formerly a prisoner of the Songbird, a metallic bird sitting in the towers of the city that floats in the clouds, the no less mystical city of Columbia." If not, go buy it! The magic works as much as with the first BioShock, the art direction is "Waow", you'll be amazed, the gameplay has been modernized without denying its origins. For the moment my GOTY by far...
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