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      Gotham City Imposters is a multiplayer only first-person shooter in the DC Comic Batman license's universe. The story of the game can fit on a credit card: two gangs must fight it out, The Jokerz versus the Bats. There are 5 characters playable per gang and all are crazier than each other and you can completely redo their wardrobes to customize them even more. Each character has his own characteristics: strength, resistance, and speed. You have at your disposal a whole arsenal of weapons like cryogenic guns, recycled soda bottles used as explosive bazookas and so on. The weapons will be customizable with sights, silencers, explosives and penetrations ammo. The number of gadgets is also impressive with a grapple (only for Batman), boots to jump higher, wings, roller blades ... All these objects will be unlockable with points earned while playing. 3 game modes available: nothing really innovative: a Domination mode (King of the hill), Capture The Flag and finally Team Deathmatch. The choice of gadgets should not be done randomly, optimizing your selection like for example inline skates or a grappling hook to bring the flag back as fast as possible can be very smart. If you are looking for a fun and refreshing game not taking itself seriously with hours of fun and cool gameplay with friends, this game is for you.

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      Comments on Gotham City Impostors

      Oct 10, 2012, 17:11on
      Ça serait quand même plus respectueux de mettre le lien vers steam vu que le jeu est devenu gratuit au lieu de dépenser des sous pour rien !
      It would be more respectful to put the link to steam since the game has become free instead of spending money for nothing!
      Sep 25, 2012, 10:03on
      Ce jeu est devenu un Free2Play, on le trouve gratuitement sur steam depuis quelques semaines
      This game has become a Free2Play, you can find it for free on steam since a few weeks

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