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    Cryptid is a first-person horror shooter that puts you in the shoes of a seasoned hunter who returns home to find his town deserted. Soon you will notice that a mysterious creature stalks you from the corner of your eye and decide to do what you know best: to hunt it down. You immerse yourself in a thrilling hunting experience with your life at stake. The mysterious creature turns out to be a deadly monster, and you rapidly go from being the hunter to becoming the prey.

    In Cryptid you explore the depths of the wilderness that surround your hometown while looking for a way to gain advantage over the monster and kill it. Unfortunately, it is very strong and cunning, and you will have to devise a proper strategy to face it. If it manages to catch you before you are prepared you will end up dead.

    Cryptid is played from the perspective of a body cam and offers you a deep level of immersion. The creature changes its behaviour depending on your actions, so every game is a completely different adventure. Are you ready to dive into the shadows and face the unknown?

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