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    Alientrap's 2D roguelike Cryptark has served as an inspiration to create GUNHEAD, a sequel that offers a completely different gameplay style. GUNHEAD is a roguelike first-person shooter brimming with frenetic action. In this game, you take the role of a mech that has a gun for a head. Your amazing body configuration turns out to be ideal for your job, as you are a pirate who specializes in boarding, neutralizing, and ransacking alien starships.

    GUNHEAD features procedurally generated scenarios full of alien monsters, deadly drones, and challenging traps. With more than 50 weapons at your disposal, none of these should pose a threat if you are fast enough. But you will need to be very fast in your reactions and choose the appropriate equipment for every mission, or you may end your days as a forgotten piece of junk in a derelict spaceship.

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