Hi-Fi Rush has two new game modes

Hi-Fi Rush has two new game modes

There are not many action games where you can fight against robotic enemies following the rhythm of the music but you don't need to search much to find the best one because Hi-Fi Rush delivers an awesome experience that has convinced critics and players from all over the world. This unique rhythm-based game from Tango Gameworks follows the adventures of wannabe rockstar Chai and his team of rebels in their fight against a powerful megacorporation.

The Arcade Challenge update is here

Hi-Fi Rush offers you a variety of gameplay modes but the creators of Ghostwire: Tokyo have just released a free update for their action game that adds quite a few novelties. Two new game modes are available to those that have completed the story in the game. You can access these via an arcade cabinet that has been installed in your Hideout.

"The new BPM RUSH mode tasks players to battle waves of enemies to music with a steadily increasing BPM or beats per minute. As you defeat each wave and tackle toughened-up new foes, the BPM will speed up to the next level, up to a whopping 200 BPM!"

"In Power Up! Tower Up!, players take on the Rhythm Tower challenge with a new twist. Power Up! Tower Up! introduces Upgrades and Bugs between rounds – Upgrades boost Chai’s stats and provide other helpful boons, but at the cost of a lowered score multiplier. Bugs, meanwhile, boost your score potential and get you closer to those stylish S-Ranks…but at a cost."

If those are not enough for you, the Arcade Challenge update also adds a plethora of new challenges, stickers for the Photo Mode, outfits, and devastating special attacks. With this free update, Hi-Fi Rush will have the fans occupied for a long while as they try to unlock all the possible rewards.



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