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    Tracks of Thought is an indie RPG adventure that puts you in the shoes of a very particular ladybug who finds herself embarked on a train.  The train's destination is unknown but what's worse is that every other passenger on the train seems to have forgotten something important.

    In Tracks of Thought, your goal is to talk to the other passengers and uncover the mystery of the train, its destination, and what's really going on. However, it won't be an easy task as there are conflicts between them that you will have to solve and some of them will not be willing to cooperate. Fortunately, you can engage in a battle of wits with them to solve those problems and progress toward your goal. Tracks of Thought features a card-based combat system that allows you to solve problems by dialoguing and finding common ground.

    Tracks of Thought is a unique adventure that features a colourful cast of characters, but it's also a journey that will have you glued to the screen while you discover more about yourself.

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